Devonport screening of film following life of ‘inspirational’ child abuse survivor

Plymouth Herald 17th June 2015

A UNIQUE film telling the story of an “inspirational” child abuse survivor is set to be screened at Devonport Live on Friday.

PCQ Arts have made the film detailing brave Amber Haigh’s traumatic story, which has led to her set up an award-winning charity.

Amber is filmed holding a set of cards, each with a sentence describing her ordeal.

Each card is then placed next to her as the film moves onto what the 30-year-old is doing now – running Ambers Angels Trust.

The charity has just opened a new drop-in centre at Christian Mill Business Park, Crownhill, which Amber describes as a “home from home”.

Talking about the film, Amber told The Herald last month: “People don’t speak about it [sexual abuse], so that’s what we put across in the film.

“It wasn’t until I spoke about it that I started getting help. So in the film when I start speaking you can then see for the rest of it the things we’ve achieved; the things that we’ve done, and the awards we’ve won.”

Peter Davey, arts coordinator at PCQ Arts, said: “Amber’s quite inspirational and she does a lot to support and help people that might not have that support network in place if it wasn’t for this charity.”

Production coordinator Samanta Norbury-Webster added: “The real reason we do this is to help people like Amber.

“Some aspects of filming have been really quite hard emotionally; they have deeply affected me.”

The film screening is at Devonport Live on Friday June 19 at 7pm.

Not for Profit Arts company Creates Harrowing Film for Child Abuse Survivor

Plymouth Herald, 3rd June 2015

Ambers Angels

A NOT-for-profit arts company has spoken out about the need for everyone in Plymouth to “work together” in order to excel.

Peter Davey and Samanta Norbury-Webster from PCQ Arts say businesses, communities, charities and arts groups need to “come together more”, particularly in the run-up to the next City of Culture bid.

The pair are currently working hard letting communities know how the arts can benefit them – as well as the rest of the city.

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