Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

Norsworthy Bridge and Down Tor circle Dartmoor Microadventure

An archaeologist friend of mine posted about collecting raw tin from a deposit on Dartmoor for one of her demonstrations and brought back stories of a megalithic ring-cairn attached to a 349m stone row.  A little bit of searching around on my OS map and I find a suspicious feature at SX586692 just off Down Tor, locally known as  Down Tor circle or Hingston Hill circle and is easily accessed by Norsworthy Bridge (SX567693) so I thought I’d investigate.

Down Tor Circle (586692)
Down Tor Circle (SX586692)

Whilst in the car park I found this little creature, it’s a nuthatch (Sitta europaea), residential throughout mainland UK but they seldom venture far from the woodland where they hatch. He was accompanied by a group of great tits, a couple of blue tits, a tiny coal tit and a hoard of chaffinches.

Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)
Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

Down Tor is a shallow tor at only 366m AMSL but is surrounded by a cluster of larger tors such as Sheeps Tor, Sharp Tor, Leather Tor and Burrator Reservoir.

Leather Tor
View of Leather Tor (SX562699) in distance from Down Tor approach
Feature on Down Tor approach
Street Map showing Norsworthy Bridge (567693) and Down Tor (580694)
Street Map showing Norsworthy Bridge (SX567693) and Down Tor (SX580694)

A lovely location for a Dartmoor Microadventure, if you’re feeling especially eco-friendly catch the First 48 from Plymouth to Burrator, it’s a fair walk from the Dam but I passed a bus stop ‘turning Point’ 12 minutes walk away.


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