Wildlife In London

Last month I won a place on IdeaTap’s Master Photography: Wildlife workshop with Iain Green. I was surprised to see the amount of wildlife to be found around London. We focused on the area around Canary Wharf before moving onto Greenwich Ecological Park.

1234767_613142205448959_8623389501337227691_n 1800376_613142348782278_6786913123841316626_n 10246440_613142302115616_5384439380640674879_n 10299928_613142448782268_5801857886723231693_n 10348545_613142162115630_7349366941371979519_n 10364026_613142168782296_3742687442719807937_n 10372005_613142412115605_983233493099817854_n 10372553_613142125448967_7341347335929319777_n 10373660_613142345448945_3197717651254460339_n 10384143_613142468782266_2120095814183180869_n 10410136_613143048782208_5695916323002236094_n 10439442_613142385448941_4226978995827556421_n


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