Ivy Leaved Toadflax

Since March I have been trying to find a positive ID for a small, purple bilaterally asymmetrical viola-like flower with a yellow centre that grows on walls with palmate’d waxy leaves, as of my last post I had been unsuccessful however the wonders of social media have allowed me to identify the plant as Ivy Leaved Toadflax (Cymbalaria muralis) a naturalised plant from the Mediterranean.  

It commonly grows in small wall crevices and is a familiar sight on coastal paths as my photographs below lay testament. It spread quickly and has a rather unusual method of propagation. Fertilised flower stalks become negatively phototropic moving away from the light and into crevices of stone walls where the seeds germinate.

Contrary to my description the evergreen leaves are heartshaped with the small flowers being similar in shape to the snapdragon.



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