Lesser Periwinkles (Vinca minor)


Life Cycle:

Perennial. In flower during March, April and May. Evergreen.

Description of Genus:

Creeping perennial herbs, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form large clonal colonies, never climbing.  The leaves are evergreen, opposite and simple. The flowers are  light purple or blue, solitary coming from the axils of the leaves. The corolla has 5 spreading lobes. These lobes are asymmetrical but  actinomorphic, giving the appearance of fan blades.


Deciduous woodland


Follicle, mistaken for a capsule.


Non-food, might be toxin in large quantities.


White Lesser Periwinkle 

Carpet of white lesser periwinkles identified at Coxhole in Plymouth. April 2014.

white periwinkle


One thought on “Lesser Periwinkles (Vinca minor)

  1. Saltram, Plymouth. Woodland, precarious location on edge of a long drop into estuary above overhanging tree. Next to viola. Single flower, violet in colour.

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