Saltram Estate

Who am I? Well that changes pretty regularly depending on what mood I’m in but I’m the girl who wants to learn the name of every flower, bird and insect. A fairly recent obsession because as a child I was content to watch and observe but now I want to share, that’s why I’ve decided to start work on my own little Arkive of knowledge exploring all the animals and flowers I track down.

Today I visited Saltram park, a National Trust estate in Devon. I was astonished by the number of birds I was able to see the moment I entered the woods:  blue tits, long-tail tit, nuthatch, wrens, robin, crows, great tit, chiffchaffs, a house sparrow, buzzards, and tortoiseshell butterflies. There were canada geese, shelducks, and egrets in the estuary and even a pair of mandarin ducks (in Saltram house pond…)

But what I was really after was flowers… plants… definitely flowers. I’m not as yet skilled enough to be able to identify plants from their leaves. In the wooded area I found Lesser periwinkles, violas and navelwort. On the lawns primrose, Lesser Celandine and daffodils.


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