Living Below The Line campaign

Some people might be excused for thinking I rush into things but the truth is I’m just very good at making snap decisions and organising accordingly.

Last night I was reading about the Living Below The Line campaign whereby individuals take up the challenge of living on just £1 for 5 days whilst raising money in aid of the 1.2 billion people living in poverty today. So £16,048 has been raise in the UK alone since 2009.


Now I’m looking at this and thinking that £1 for 5 days is good but I’m not sure exactly what I would learn from it. I’m not saying that it would necessary be easy, for example I popped to the shops yesterday to pick up a couple of essentials.  If I had already started the challenge I would be over budget, luckily with it having being a Friday I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

This micro shopping list alone has started to make me think about how little money £5 truly is and I’ve begun calculating the individual cost of each item.

Eggs are 20p each, I ate two of them for breakfast. A loaf of a bread has roughly 21 slices so 4p each, once again I’ll happily eat two slices at 8p. When I went out yesterday I hoped I had some spaghetti so I bought some sieved tomatoes (passata) so that’s £57 plus. My biggest expenditure and a complete waste of money was a jar of nutella, I can’t hide it you can see it there. I’ve already eaten half the jar… Accounting for the cost of every single item of food I eat in a day, even a really lazy, basic day like yesterday is exhausting and I haven’t even started yet.

But once again I can’t help but think that £5 for 5 days, I could go without eating for that long if I really want to. What I want to do is something more long term. I want to go 30 days allowing myself £5 each week, that’s £5 for 5 days plus leaving myself enough leftover to get over the weekend. Possible? Theoretically, but we’ll have to see.

The Rules?



I do have a little headstart in that I already own a small selection of thing that have been hiding in my cupboard but conforming to the rules of the challenge I decide to use any of these items and I will be using anything close to its expiry date I’ll budget them as bought anew.

You’ve outed me, I haven’t been a vegan for a couple of months now.


The entire point of the Living Below The Line campaign is to raise money for The Global Poverty Projects, I am looking for sponsorship on this and have set myself a target of £50. The specific charity I have selected is Act!on Aid because for every £1 donated the UK Aid will match it. I’m not going to ask you to sponsor me but I what I do ask if that you go onto the site, read about the project and the hard work they do than choice your own course of action.


The official dates of the challenge are 28 April – 02 May. I am starting 17th March because we never know when poverty might strike and I hope that what I learn from the challenge can be passed on to others.


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