2 Top Armchair Citizen Science Projects

I love nothing more than getting out and experiencing nature first hand but sometimes that’s not always possible. As such I have found 2 top wildlife/nature project for the Armchair Citizen Scientist.

Dolphins have regional accents and the scientists over at Whale FM are trying to uncover what the calls of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) and Pilot Whales (Globicephala melas/macrorhynchus) mean.

Wait I thought you said ‘dolphins’ have regional accents, what do dolphins have to do with whales? Well Killer Whales and Pilot Whales belong to the family delphinidae so are actually dolphins. Whale is basically a word use to describe ‘big marine mammals’, not even whales are truly whales scientifically speaking but that’s another story.

Whale FM

The team behind Whale FM are studying when and why certain calls are made in order to better understand the behaviour of these highly intelligent and social creatures. What they want you to do is help them match calls as being alike. Don’t worry it’s all explained on their informative, well laid-out website.

The Serengeti is a large place and different animals use different parts of it… differently! The team behind Snapshot Serengeti, University of Minnesota Lion Project, are trying to uncover how an entire ecosystem interacts. What they have done is rigged the Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park with a network of camera traps and what they want you to do is look through the archive and select the animals you see.

Snapshot Serengeti

Don’t worry if your ID skills are a little rushy there is an interactive fieldguide to help you find your best fit.


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