Photography Inspiration

My photographic aspirations are based around my filmmaking and I see photography as both a way to enhance my film projects and as another way to tell a story. There are 3 main types of photography that inspire me.

  • Wildlife Photography,

Wildlife Photography to me is the height of photography, it is as beautiful as it is scientifically valuable. Each photograph carries data that can be used to study the animal in question from getting an idea of what the animal looks like to its behaviour, habit and  biology.

tumblr_ly2b2tMbH01qzul89o1_500 tumblr_mavjo32OYW1rgizr7o1_500 tumblr_mdpmbltfLu1r95o5fo1_500 tumblr_mx4ko9KUst1r0hf7ho1_500 tumblr_myjb51V4TD1stl4o4o1_500 tumblr_mzawn07v321r6bovho1_1280

  • Photojournalism

A raw genre of photography but by no means necessarily ugly, photojournalism is about telling a story that is  honest and impartial. Usually used to reveal the worse in humanity.

8d70b0de0231ac3435b960471dee1d1a-large 0468b8d1b52b4b87f65c10ff609e53f1-large 877709a0a3b84862bb09bf9c260a4e22-large a4962bdef42b8ab854ea634f97bf79e6-large c9bb4ec1a05f2c5f0d831fa1f12d73ae-large cadef5ac3e1c8986ed7ef76df4510b19-large cd41cb9d2e29418487575bc4e693089d-large (1) e63b428d5610266069443c8a5800a442-large (1) fe5b8a6cf19376b0e737443cf7f0baf9-large

  • Fine Art Photography

Photography as an art form, not merely documenting reality but shaping the world into the vision that the photographer sees in their own minds eye. I like work that is a little bit abstract, a little bit fantasy much like the way I handle drama and feature films. I sometimes see this sort of photography as a taster, a recce where I feel I can play around a little bit more with colours and textures.

558048_10151653035541633_29750926_n 1455004_10151781726666633_540560284_n 1472915_10151851687221633_346505346_n 8556941159_952e085e5d_o 8702511545_870aa001a6_o2 finished2small1 IMG_3984 IMG_4003 IMG_76822 sonalii_domination_final


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