A New Home

For the past month I have been trying to set up and establish an aquarium environment in my bedroom, by which of course I mean I have a fish tank not that I’m literally turning my bedroom into one.

We’re going to need a bigger bag of gravel.

It has taken me probably a little longer than necessary but I have finally stabilised a habitable environment (don’t be too impressed, I literally added tap water to a tank with some water conditioner and set my pump to work for a week) and yesterday I added my first fish.

A little more water.
A little more water.

It’s not at the moment really too my liking, I prefer natural looking tanks that resemble geographical environments such as river beds and tropical reefs (for marine tanks) corresponding at least a little to the habitat of the selected fish stock.

Aeration system causing my downed chopper to bubble.
Aeration system causing my downed chopper to bubble.


I would very much like to get a selection of living plants as the plastic ones I have at the moment, although very lovely, are a little artificial looking and I would like to pad them out with the softer edges of organic life. Plant life of course comes with its own unique set of requirements and as I’m feeling a little bit intimidated it might be best to wait until I have prove success at maintaining my tank environment.


So lets talk fish, for although I have had my tank bubbling away empty for longer than anyone should I finally after a lot of research decided to purchase a new friend. The concept of buying friends is a little strange to me and I firmly believe that animals should be adopted not purchased up on this occasion I put my moral aside and spent a lot of time staring at different individuals (fish!) at my local pet shop. When I arrived I was interested in either taking home a male Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) or a  Red Tailed Black Shark, but definitely not both.  After a great deal of time watching them there was one character I was especially drawn to and I fell in love.


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