Memrise: A Great New Way to Learn to Identify Different Species of Trees?

I first heard about Memrise in 2012 upon reading a newspaper article on a man who (apparently) learnt to speak a language in 22 hours. When I visited the website I found that it’s more than a simple language tool but also a great way to learn about ANYTHING from languages, to history date, to star constellations, to wild plants and flowers.

Tree Species

For the last month I have been playing with the ‘Trees of Britain’ course, and I must say I am impressed with it and have learnt to identify a variety of trees from the very basic (Oak, Sycamore, Elm) to the less familiar (Aspen, Sweet Chestnut, Wych Elm). The catch? Although I can quickly recognise all the species on the course I still struggle to identify real trees whilst out walking. It would seem that I can only identify the photograph itself and not the tree.

To remedy this I have started to photograph the trees I see on my walks, identify them using a guide and begin to build up my own course using a variety of different photographs so that it’s not just the same photograph for the same tree.

I would also like to include the Latin name of the species: Quercus robur, Crataegus monogyna, Tilia cordata.  

What do you think, have you had the opportunity to learn something new using memrise? What did you think?


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