Mentioned by ARKive!

Mentioned by ARKive in their January 2013 blog post Going Green for 2013

Stay connected and spread the word!

In today’s society, with technology everywhere we turn, it can be very easy to forget to take time out to reflect and to reconnect with nature. Facebook friend Marie Bax has recently discovered the joys of wildlife in her own garden, with a new glass-roof conservatory enabling her to watch bats from the comfort of her own home. The fascinating flying furries have reignited Marie’s passion for nature, and she has promised to keep a watchful eye on her pet cat, who by all accounts is a rather fine hunter…!

Pallid bat imagePallid bat in flight

Marie has also resolved to spread the word about the wonders of nature and the need for conservation, something which documentary filmmaker and radio presenter Samanta Norbury-Webster (@CoreGeographic) will also be doing more of in 2013.

My New Year’s green resolution is to keep my environment blog up-to-date with a monthly, self-shot video podcast on the local area,” said Samanta.

Arctic ground squirrel imageWhat is this Arctic ground squirrel shouting about?!

This Arctic ground squirrel certainly seems to be making a lot of noise about something…let’s hope it’s joining Marie and Samanta in spreading the conservation message!


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